Sunday, July 18, 2010


having kids that talk a lot means lots of questions, in addition to everything else they have to say. sometimes they're funny, sometimes random, and sometimes just plain odd. i don't always have the answers. so if someone's not around to answer for me, then i just make up an answer. it's harmless.

here are some of the questions i've heard just today, in no particular order. you can take a guess at who asked it and how i answered.

can we go to the party now?
why is this stuff here?
is this the present, where's my present?
why do you have moles mom?
can you buy me a big blue garbage truck?
is the party close or far?
why did you turn left? (i have 2 backseat drivers)
what are doldrums? (completely random)
i don't like it, why papa buy that?
am i going to school tomorrow? (asked 10 times in a row)
am i going to grandma's house tomorrow?
why does daddy have hair in his nose?

it's good that they ask questions because they learn new things that way. but there are times when i have to announce that it's quiet i won't go insane ;).