Wednesday, May 19, 2010

where is this girl?

seriously, where is this girl they are referring to? i know she doesn't live in my house. does she just come out at school just during testing? the girl that lives at my house magically gets tired and whines when it's time for homework and reading and says that it's too hard.

i found a notice in malia's backpack the other day addressed to 'mr & mrs mislan'. of course i was scared to open it since my daughter just can't seem to stop talking. i thought it would be a note for her behavior. low and behold, we will be at the final award ceremony on may 24. malia will be receiving the Presidential Award, which is the highest academic award that can be received in her class! can you believe it?! she scored the highest all around in her class.

she talks and talks and talks and then talks some more. but somehow, although i don't know how, she is learning. thank you God! and thank you to her awesome teacher!

i guess i have to go to school during testing to find this girl.