Sunday, May 30, 2010

we surprised the kids with a trip to disneyland on friday. well, they found out when we were almost there. i could only take so much of hearing, "are we there yet" and "where are we going?"

we went straight to the jedi training academy. the kids were so excited to see darth vader 'in person.' then of course we had to go to the store that sells star wars merchandise. malia chose to make her own lightsaber. we thought of it as her present for getting the presidential award. micah only chose a jango fett car.

then we went on buzz lightyear astro blasters. malia rode with roel because she knew he would get a higher score. yes, the difference in scores is pitiful, but micah & i got them back in the toy story mania ride.

in CA adventure, the green army men go around and do a little show with drums. they do some crowd interaction and asked for volunteers to do a freeze march. malia was happy to volunteer. she was the smallest one.

we also managed to get some pictures with woody and jesse. it seemed like we did a lot of toy story stuff, which is good since toy story 3 is coming out next month.

the kids and i went to a bugs land while roel held our place for the parade. micah wanted to ride the ladybug boogie. it's just like the tea cups but seemed really harmless, even for me who has motion sickness. so many little kids were riding it. well, i was completely wrong. that ladybug whirled us around so fast, i couldn't control it. malia and i were dizzy, but micah liked it. thank God for the heimlich caterpillar train that goes like 2mph!

we ended the day with the pixar play parade, our first time to see it. pretty cool, especially to hear the kids say, "did you see the real lightning mcqueen?!"

see you next time disney, it was fun!