Thursday, May 6, 2010

the monsters

yesterday micah had a fever that came out of nowhere. didn't see it coming at all, no coughing, no change in behavior. when i first checked it was 101.1. then when it hit 102, he started to get clingy. he didn't have much response to tylenol (ours was not recalled). and he just so happens to be allergic to motrin. not good. so i gave him a bath and it went down a little and he went to sleep. by midnight it was at 102.9 and he wasn't due for his next dose of tylenol yet. so i put him in the bath again. i couldn't tell if he was red from his fever or from screaming for me to hold him. after that he went back to sleep. i woke up at 2am when he started talking. he was pointing at the ceiling and telling me that the monsters were there. then he sat up and said one was on his pillow. (okay, i've dealt with a lot of fevers and weird symptoms before, like up to 104.1 with malia with no talking for 3 days, but these hallucinations are a new thing.) so i picked him up and went over to the computer to google his symptoms and he tells me,"oh there's a blue monster right there." i asked him what the monster looked like. "like a snake," he said. i guess it could've been worse, i'll take a snake monster. he went to sleep again, but in my arms because he didn't want to go back to the monsters.

and here we are this morning, he's sleeping in my arms. he still has a fever. no coughing. not even a stuffy nose. we are heading to his doctor when it opens to get this taken care of. my poor boy. i want him to be his happy self again. and we don't want any monsters in our room tonight.