Saturday, May 8, 2010

early mother's day

micah was feeling like himself again yesterday. (boy, those antibiotics kicked in fast.) turns out he was at the start of a bad sinus infection. and malia finally got her bike on thursday and loved it. she thought it was new.

anyways, we decided to go out today to beat the mother's day crowd. my sister had a great idea of going to the coronado ferry landing together, but then she couldn't make it. we still went. it's been years since i've been there.

we had a quick picnic on the grass. the kids stuffed their faces fast and went off into the sand. i don't like sand, but it was fun to watch them.

then we rented a surrey bike. it's cute that the kids ride in the front. as we went down the bike path micah said,"this is awesome." and yes, it was. the scenery was beautiful. and it was cool to go underneath the coronado bridge.

after that, we went for some ice cream at coldstone. that's when the little boy decided to throw a fit. he was overdue for a nap, but sometimes he's okay. not the case today. and why did daddy get cones instead of cups, i don't know why. micah's ice cream was dripping all over his hand, onto his pants, and then onto me. he was so mad, but still wanted his ice cream. all we could do was wipe him and laugh. malia was happy to finish any unwanted ice cream. she is an ice cream addict.
i loved my mother's day outing. we will definitely be back at ferry landing soon.