Monday, May 17, 2010

potty training is progressing

micah has very few accidents now. most of them occur during nap time or when he doesn't get his pants down in time. but he is more in tune with his body now and is able to tell us when he needs to go. we have moved on from the froggy potty and he only uses the toilet. the funny thing is that he just stands there when he pees. doesn't hold his thing, just stands there and watches. somehow, it makes it in. i'll take it though. the last time i asked him to hold his "titi", he held it for a second and then put his fingers in the pee pee stream. so it's better that he just holds his shirt up while he aims. goodness, boys and their little creatures. girls are so much easier to potty train because they just sit there, no aiming involved.