Tuesday, April 13, 2010

urine and ur-out

yes, it's corny. but i have to keep my spirits up while cleaning up all this urine during this potty training adventure. micah is doing fairly well at school, cooperating when the teachers tell him it's time to go potty. daddy's diaper incident didn't set him back after all. but from now on, he'll go to school in the morning in a pull-up. micah's biggest challenge, other than making it to the potty on time, is pushing his little soldier down toward the potty as he pees. so even if he's sitting on the toilet, some of his pee goes on his clothes and he needs to be changed. it's funny and weird that i'm reminded of my old pet hamster when i open up the bag of urine soiled clothes and can smell it. okay, maybe it's not so funny, more like gross. i think micah has more accidents at home because he's trying to keep up with malia and sometimes he doesn't want to sit on the potty. doing laundry right now. urine is my middle name.