Sunday, April 11, 2010

adventures in potty training

i wasn't really ready for serious potty training yet, at least not right now. but on friday when one of micah's teachers said that they were going to potty train another little girl in micah's class and suggested micah start too, how could i say no? help with potty training? that would be great! but really, i'm not ready. before i potty trained malia, i read a book for myself, had a ton of dvds and books for her, had a waterproof blanket for her to sit on, and got her a doll that wet herself. this time, i had nothing. the books and dvds were either loaned out or donated and i have no idea what happened to the waterproof blanket. do they even make a boy doll that wets himself? and is that appropriate? plus, i'll admit that i'm more lenient with him. i guess there is some truth to spoiling the baby of the family.

so this morning, i went and bought micah some big boy underwear. the star wars ones were a hit with him. he liked the disney ones too but not as much as the star wars ones. he has requested darth vader underwear, so i'll have to look out for those. anyways, so far we've had pee in the potty, on the floor, and on the carpet. luckily, all poop has made it in the potty. and that's only because i've caught him during the first push and rushed him to the potty. at least when he's had accidents, he was able to tell me. and this is the only time i'm glad that malia likes to take sheets and blankets and lay them out all over the carpet in her room, making some accidents easier to clean up.

so that's what's happened so far for the first official day of micah in underwear. i'm about to do my 3rd load of laundry. (it's not even 6pm!) and i've forgotten since the last potty training about how close my face would be to poop, the toilet, and his bottom. with diaper changing, there is usually an arm's length distance ;). thank God he hasn't put his hands into the potty. and i just keep reminding myself that boys are harder to potty train than girls.