Tuesday, April 20, 2010

honor roll assembly

malia's honor roll assembly was yesterday. roel and i are very proud of her. i brought her some balloons and a candy bar, she was thrilled. when i asked her in the car what it meant to be on the honor roll, she had no clue. so of course i explained to her that she was being recognized for all her hard work, and when she listens in class she is learning the material, which helps her do well on all her tests. i asked her if it felt good to be on the honor roll and get an award. she said yes. then i encouraged her to continue working hard so she could be on the honor roll again if she wants to. she said she will definitely try. it's funny being a parent and giving lectures about school, when i can still remember getting them from my parents. it's all about motivation with this little girl. plus she has a wonderful teacher.

malia with her teacher ms. rogale
my honor roll girl