Monday, April 26, 2010

m&m update

i'm going to start doing occasional updates on the kids just so i can remember what they are in to at certain points in their life, and especially because my memory is really bad.

micah just finished another asthma exacerbation. hopefully he is growing out of it, it's been a while since the last one. he is on his 3rd week of potty training and doing excellent. the only real accidents he has are sometimes during nap and when he forgets to point his birdie all the way down while he's peeing. he uses pull-ups only for nighttime. his favorite song is still "imma be" by the black eyed peas. his favorite dvd is 'they might be giants, here come the abcs.' like most boys his age, he likes cars, star wars, and transformers. he's also really into trucks, especially garbage trucks. we watch videos of garbage trucks on youtube (very exciting). when micah is in his terrible 2 mode his voice gets really loud, he yells, motions as if he's going to hit, and can scream in a higher pitch than malia. sometimes it's frustrating (like in church), but other times i just end up laughing at him. he's still cute to me when he's mad.

malia just started voice lessons last saturday. she picked voice lessons over dance classes this time. she would still love to take theater classes, but they were interfering with schoolwork during the week, so we had to find something on weekends only. she plans on singing at her school talent show in june. she's funny because she just goes around the house making up her own songs and the lyrics she comes up with are hilarious. malia's favorite song right now is "almost there" from princess and the frog, which happens to be her favorite movie too. malia is in some whining stage. (or does whining just come with being a girl?) but i noticed that all the girls in her class whine. it makes me want to pull my hair out. so we are working on the whining. sometimes i copy her and whine at her so she can hear how bad it sounds. she laughs and stops. but that only lasts so long.

when m&m aren't fighting, they like making forts, playing make believe, and playing computer games together. they also like to "help" me in the kitchen and fold the laundry.