Monday, April 12, 2010

potty training day 2, the morning

want to know why i do the potty training? daddy gets the kids ready for school in the morning. i know it's tough sometimes especially when the kids are cranky. but today was micah's first day at school with underwear. i laid out micah's clothes in the bathroom, underwear on top of course. what does daddy do? puts a diaper on micah and then the underwear on top. i could understand a pull-up because maybe he didn't want him to have an accident in the car and he would be late to work, but a diaper?!? okay, maybe it's my fault, i should have taken all the diapers and hid them. i should have known that he would just grab whatever even if there were diapers and pull-ups in the drawer. plus, i sent lots of extra underwear and pants to school because they expect accidents to happen. a diaper...really?