Monday, November 16, 2009

viva las vegas

roel's sister, lori, recently annouced that she was planning on getting married in vegas on 11/14. so it was a last minute getaway for us, but of course we couldn't miss her wedding! good thing we were well enough to go. we left on friday after everyone was done with school and work and arrived at our vegas timeshare at midnight. the drive was long with traffic, but the kids did okay and fell asleep. the funny thing is that they were wide awake when we got there and wanted to play.

on saturday morning, we met up with roel's family for breakfast at the venetian grand lux cafe. then we met up again in the afternoon for lori & jojeann's wedding at the little church of the west wedding chapel. malia was the flower girl. it was a short but sweet ceremony, very emotional. they are finally married! and we are so happy for them.

we had dinner at cravings at the mirage afterwards. it was super cold and windy outside. the only one who didn't mind it was micah.

on sunday, we had to go to m&m world before we left. the kids loved it, especially picking out their own m&m's. malia chose some pastel colored m&m's and micah just chose blue.

it was a rough ride home. lots of traffic. at one point, i felt as if we were never going to get home. we took a break in barstow. and that's where i will never forget that my sweet malia joy, without question, chose to share her kids meal that we just bought with a homeless man. i told her that God was smiling down at her.

the kids were sleeping by the time we got home. they had a good time in vegas, looking at all the fountains and the lights. micah kept asking me if he could play the machines. and all malia wanted to do was eat sweets. i would love to take them there again, i just don't want to do the long drive!