Saturday, November 21, 2009

the tree is up

some people say you're supposed to decorate for christmas after thanksgiving. but everywhere you go, there are christmas decorations. i like to decorate before thanksgiving so i can focus on my after thanksgiving shopping. the kids helped me decorate the tree. micah was trying to play with the ornaments like toys at first, but he quickly learned he's not supposed to pull them off the tree. almost all of our ornaments are disney. the others are m&m ornaments from m&m world in las vegas, recordable voice ornaments of the kids, a chargers ornament for daddy, and a precious moments mother ornament. the precious moments mother ornament is always at the top just under the tree topper. it's for my mom because she always made christmas so memorable. i hope to do the same for the kids. they are already filled with christmas spirit. malia wrote her letter to santa on her own this year. and micah loves looking at all the christmas decor wherever we go. on his recordable ornament this year he said, "merry christmas." and he likes to hear himself say it over and over again. i love christmas!