Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween finally came

this seemed like the longest halloween ever since we did so many halloween related activities. at least the kids got lots of use out of their costumes.

on friday, we went over to the advento's to celebrate ninong joey's b-day. the kids dressed up and did candy hunting in the living room, followed by cookie decorating and pumpkin painting. again, micah just wanted to eat the m&m's and not decorate a cookie. he loves m&m's, and just chocolate in general.

on halloween day, we didn't make it out to the mall festivities as planned, so we headed over to the castillo residence to trick or treat with all the kiddies there. we were finally complete as 4 jedis. well, malia was padme amidala to be specific.

so now we have tons of candy that we shouldn't be eating. good thing there are dentists that are buying back candy to send to troops overseas.

(will update with pics later)