Wednesday, November 18, 2009

another field trip with micah

we don't go to the zoo much, so i thought it would be a good idea to go on this field trip with micah's school. at least i was able to get better pictures on this trip. micah really enjoyed looking at the animals.

we went to the children's zoo first. i have bad memories of going into the petting zoo because a goat started eating my jacket, but this time it was okay. micah was scared to pet the goats, he just pat one on the back really quick. also saw some insects in the children's zoo, so gross but he really liked that. then we watched a show with birds, a wolf, and a seal. then went to the reptile house. after that, we went on a trail behind there and saw tortoises and crocodiles.

then the hiking began, off to elephant odyssey. micah told me that the elephant's name was elephant. it was weird that there weren't very many elephants there when it's called elephant odyssey. we saw other animals up closer like the lions.

micah and i left the group when i knew he was getting tired. but we had to go all the way around and hike back up the hill. we stopped by the pandas on the way. they were awake and so cute, but right when we got in front of one, it went pee and poop. nice. micah wasn't interested anyway. then i was exhausted carrying micah in one arm (he wants to be carried when he's sleepy) and pushing the stroller with the other while going up the hill. now i know why we rarely go to the zoo, steep hills. it was tons of fun, just really tiring.