Sunday, November 1, 2009

all souls' day

i took malia with me to visit my mom for all souls' day. it was really crowded at the cemetery and we had to park far, but she didn't mind the hike up the hill. all souls' day is really tomorrow but my sister says filipinos go the day before. okay. anyway, on the way there malia says, "mama, did you know that when people die they are put in a special box so the germs can't get inside and hurt them?" she pauses and then adds,"and they have a blanket on their legs like they're sleeping, but really they're already dead." i asked her, "how did you know that?" her response was, "i just do."

we met my dad and jos' family there and did our prayers. ironically, there was a funeral taking place. it was close enough that we could see it, but thank God it was far enough so that they didn't hear when malia loudly said, "someone died over there." oh my goodness, she just makes me laugh!