Sunday, October 18, 2009

our disneyland trip

after more than a year, we were able to take our long awaited trip back to disneyland! we decided to celebrate m&m's birthdays there this year. after malia got out of school on friday, we headed up to attend mickey's trick or treat party at california adventure. m&m's cousins, jonah and joelle, met us there. we were late due to traffic and micah was screaming in the car, so i was already tired when we got there. plus i was so mad at myself because i forgot one of malia's costumes. we were all supposed to be jedi's for the trick or treat party. and i had spent so much time putting it together. so we ended up going as 3 jedi's and a mermaid. malia didn't mind. it was our first time to do the trick or treat party, so we were all in awe at the decor and the fun. micah couldn't believe he saw woody, but was reluctant to take a picture because he was scared of the green army men. it was pretty warm that night, so i ended up taking off my costume and giving my tunic to malia when she got cold. micah fell asleep at 10pm, but we still collected candy for him. we didn't get to do everything, but it was still so much fun. we are only going again in the future if we are early enough to beat all the traffic.

on saturday, we headed to disneyland. malia went as ariel again, and micah as a pirate. first on our list was 'breakfast with minnie'. we love character dining because of the photo ops. we don't get to do too many character pictures throughout the park because we move so slow with the kids so character dining is perfect. and the food is good too.

micah only goes to certain characters. and of course, he won't pose with them. but he's happy to give hugs. he was smitten with minnie. so i absolutely love these pictures.

we waited a long time to visit the fairies in pixie hollow. but it was worth it. a cast member had malia convinced that she was sprinkled with pixie dust to shrink down to the same size as tink.

micah had a few meltdowns because of the heat yesterday. and he had a fit in the store until he got his new buzz lightyear toy. (gotta love the terrible 2's.) his favorite rides were small world and the parking lot tram. he fell asleep right before shopping time, great timing!
hopefully it won't be as crowded the next time we visit. malia said we should go back in 2 weeks. sure if we lived closer. the drive isn't as easy for me as it used to be, especially if someone is crying and screaming in the back seat.