Sunday, October 11, 2009

disney princesses on ice

it really should have been called disney's cinderella with some princesses on ice because the whole 2nd half of the show was about cinderella. there's nothing wrong with that, we love cinderella. we just didn't expect the mulan segment to be only 5 minutes long in the 2 hour show. nonetheless, malia and i had a wonderful time last night. she could hardly stay still in her seat. she kept turning to me with her hand over her mouth in disbelief when the princesses were coming out. as if she had never been to disneyland and seen them in person. she knows all of the princess stories, but still grabbed on to me when the villains came out and looked at me with hope in her eyes that the princesses would be okay. malia even noticed little details like the castle moving behind the scenes and workers bringing props to the sides of the rink. we had really good seats thanks to the adventos. and i was so upset with myself because i had forgotten to put the memory card back in my camera, so i couldn't take pictures. this is the best shot i got with my not so great phone:
as much as i like the princesses, there's just something so special about mickey and minnie. and it was nice that they began and ended the show. the costumes were so creative, the skating was wonderful, the special effects were fantastic. disney really is magic. my favorite malia quote for the night was, "mama, i saw her underwear."