Sunday, October 4, 2009

auntie mel's wedding

yesterday was melissa's wedding. i have known her since she was born. our families used to be neighbors. my mom considered her mom one of her best friends. so they are family to us. malia was excited when mel asked her last year to be a flower girl at her wedding. so when i told her on friday that we were going to the rehearsal, she couldn't believe it was already time for her walk down the aisle.

the wedding ceremony was at the immaculata. malia did a great job, but she tends to walk faster when she's excited. plus the other 2 flower girls are only 2 years old, so she helped one of them walk down the aisle. when we were getting ready in the morning, i was thinking to myself that it's harder to get girls ready for occasions like this. boys are easy, black pants and a nice top. girls need their hair done, the perfect dress, jewelry, tights, and matching shoes. not to mention a different outfit for the car ride because the dress will get wrinkled in the car seat. and it's a challenge for me because i'm not very girly. but it's worth it, for pictures like these:

the reception was at the manchester grand hyatt downtown. it was gorgeous. it's details like the elaborate tablecloths, crystals hanging from the flowers of the centerpieces, the photo booth, the plate of 3 desserts before the wedding cake and the godiva chocolate giveaways that made it such a memorable reception. mel did a surprise number for her groom, and the bridal party did a skit on how mel and kenny first met 13 years ago.

some photo booth shots
malia described the day as 'fancy'. she said, "all the girls looked pretty but auntie mel was the beautifulest one of all."