Thursday, October 1, 2009

first day of preschool

it all came too quickly, but micah started preschool today at Spectrum Preschool in bonita. he's the baby at school since he just turned 2 yesterday. it was also picture day, so his day started off by taking pictures. the photographer was wonderful with the kids. micah even held his pose and smiled. i can't even get him to do that. then it was off to his classroom, called 'the pond.' he went straight for the toys but i could tell he was trying to stay near me at the same time. he tried to follow me when i told him i was leaving, but his teacher distracted him. i'm so glad we went there last week, so she's not a complete stranger to him. of course i worried about him all day and wasn't too productive at work. roel picked him up during naptime. the teachers told roel that micah cried a little just before lunch, but it was because he was tired. but other than that he was fine. when i got home, there were papers waiting for me. one was about field trips, one of which i am already scheduled to go on as a parent volunteer. another was about a fundraiser, which was to bring in my vons receipt that had a code for the school to receive 10% of what i spent. wow, no effort fundraiser? love it! and of course my favorite was this certificate:

when i asked micah if he wanted to go to school tomorrow, he said no. it was the same with malia. it took her a week to get used to school and now she loves it. at least the first day of school jitters are gone (for me). we'll see how he does after a week.