Monday, October 26, 2009


it's about time that micah know his middle name, kalel. i know it's my fault for nicknaming him micah jackson. so yesterday, i thought i'd call him kalel to see how he would react. malia was on the computer and he was trying to get his face as close to the monitor, trying to climb on the desk.

our conversation (micah says his name with an N)-
me: get down please kalel
micah: (gets down and points to himself) it's nicah
me: okay, but you're kalel too
micah: (points to himself again) it's nicah
me: okay micah kalel
micah: it's nicah

at least he didn't say he was micah jackson. later on, micah grabbed a superman toy and said, "it's nicah." funny boy. i just want to squeeze him all day.