Sunday, February 1, 2009

still my baby

okay, i admit it. i'm in denial that micah is growing up. thank God that i have beverly (his daycare provider) there to remind me of some of the skills he should be tackling at his age, otherwise i wouldn't really know if he was behind or not. i think i'm not as paranoid as i am with malia because my heart still sees micah as a little baby even though my eyes see he's obviously a big boy. he runs away from or chases malia. he knows some sign language, such as asking for more milk, saying please, and asking for fish (goldfish). micah loves to hug. his hugs even include the patting that you do with your hands. and he is building his vocabulary. his favorite word is ball. sometimes he says please. when he asks for things he says this or some? he's currently obsessed with the letter X. and he's in the full blown no stage, but i do love it when he says yes. he's a pretty good listener for his age. i'm so proud of him, yet i want to cuddle, cradle, and kiss him all day! i'm sure i'm not the only mom out there who feels like this.