Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentiMe's day

malia still says it like that. and this year she noticed she was saying it wrong, but no matter how many times she tried to say it correctly, it still came out like that 95% of the time. funny girl. valentine's day is malia's 2nd favorite holiday. 

ever since she started school, holidays always start earlier and end later than normal. this year, valentine's day started wednesday night when we were getting her cards/gifts ready for thursday's valentine's party. we made cookies together, constructed flowers out of foam, and filled out her cards. she was excited to bring all her goodies to school. both malia and micah came home with handprint art. i love these!

on friday, the choir sang at our church talent show. so again we were at the table, making flowers out of hershey's kisses this time and filling out more cards to pass out. she's so eager to do arts and crafts and such a good helper, but by the time the 3rd or 4th piece is done she tells me she's tired and moves on to something else. of course, we have to make extras for micah to play around with or else he's grabbing everything in sight. i also tried doing a valentine's picture...

this morning, instead of micah waking up and yelling at me to pick him up, he noticed what i had put on the wall and was talking to it. i had put some heart shaped cards on the wall. these are playing cards malia and i had bought when she was 2 years old. every valentine's day, they go up on the wall as decoration since no one will really play cards with them. malia enjoys waking up to them and adding her own. this morning, micah wanted to take them off. boys!
my mama's boy

after lunch, we headed to the new children's museum downtown. a first time visit for all of us. it was so much fun.

malia and i finished off our day by making a heart shaped pizza together, thanks to a kit from sammy's woodfired pizza given to us by the adventos. i'm sure we'll still be doing valentine's arts and crafts through next week. i should probably get ready for easter.