Thursday, February 19, 2009

first bukol

micah had another asthma exacerbation and ear infection just before the holiday on monday and has been hyper and/or moody from the albuterol and antibiotics. yesterday he wasn't too social at daycare. and today, when i picked him up, he had a HUGE bump on his forehead. apparently, his daycare provider left him for a second, and he got mad. when he gets upset, he kinda kneels down on the floor, but sometimes he goes further and puts his head on the floor as well. so he probably did that, but directly on the tile. ouch! i wanted to cry immediately when i saw him. inside i was freaking out, but i calmly asked questions and acted like everything was okay. i know every kid gets there first major bump or bruise in the toddler years, i remember malia's, but not now while he's sick! of course i was quizzing him on the way home to check if he remembered all of his little sayings and gestures. he's fine. i should really take a picture of him so i can show it to him when he's older, but it just breaks my heart when i see the big bump. i should get used to it, he's a boy after all, there will be more.