Thursday, February 19, 2009


today i was scheduled to observe malia at her school. she wasn't supposed to talk to me while i observed, but i could tell she was so excited to have me in her class. she kept smiling at me and waving, which made it hard for her to decide what to work on. her teacher noticed and suggested some material for her to choose. montessori schools have a method of letting the children choose different material to work on, the teachers make sure they are choosing age appropriate ones and are on track of what they are supposed to be learning. being in her class today was like a flashback from when i first visited the school 2 years ago to decide if i would enroll her there -- all the kids were well behaved and really enjoyed doing their work, they even rolled up their mats perfectly by patting the sides to make it straight when they were finished. and there malia was today, just like those kids i saw 2 years ago. it was amazing.