Monday, February 9, 2009


malia is very observant. she's also curious, confident, talkative, full of expression (which is mostly dramatic), and not very shy. if roel and i could describe her in one word, it would be 'hilarious.' we've also heard other people say she's hilarious. anyways, she was sick the past couple of days and couped up in the house. on top of that, i gave her some albuterol and she was pretty much talking non-stop, it was quite exhausting (mentally) for me. so at one point i asked her if she wanted to watch a home movie, which we do every now and then. she chose her 2nd birthday party. she enjoyed it, and we were all laughing. then roel commented that i looked skinny in the video. and i think malia only heard the words mama and skinny. so after i had finished thanking roel for the lovely comment malia says, "mama's not skinny." of course i agreed with her and explained to her what daddy was thoughtfully saying to me. then i was reminded of another time in the car when she had asked me what a pimple was. she said she heard it in a movie. not thinking, i pointed to a pimple on my face, and told her that when people get older sometimes they get pimples. she responded,"you have a lot of pimples mama." although her comments are doing wonders for my self esteem, it gives me the opportunity to teach her tact, so she won't say these kinds of things to a complete stranger. like when she was 3 and we were in target paying for something, she was saying out loud that the cashier was dirty. in my eyes, the cashier just had a lot of freckles on her arm, to malia she was dirty. i couldn't teach her tact then, and thank God the cashier didn't really pay attention to what she was saying. all mothers who complain about their little ones having tantrums, just wait until they start talking!