Sunday, May 17, 2015

The boy

Malia is getting older, there's no getting away from that. She's still immature, thank goodness, but she's starting to do things on her own sometimes. Like playing on her computer. Sometimes she wants to play with Micah, other times she just wants to be by herself.

So that means I'm with the boy, a lot. And I'm okay with that because he'll be grown up before I know it.

We went to Sprouts today. What usually takes me 20 minutes to do seems like an hour when he's with me. He wanted to pick out fruit and weigh everything. And try new things too. Maybe God gave me him to teach me patience. When I get impatient, he remains calm, and says something to make me smile.

In the afternoon, he wanted to go "scootering" around the block. Of course he kept stopping for breaks. But he also wanted me to take pictures to show Malia. I love him.