Thursday, February 11, 2010

field trip with malia

malia's first field trip was on tuesday to old town. it was my first field trip there as well. all i've done in old town was eat at one of the restaurants. i think malia was more excited to ride on the bus for the first time.

it was cold, but the kids didn't mind. each class had their own tour guide. our tour guide had the kids wear an accessory they used to wear in the 1800s. malia got to wear a mantilla (a lace scarf worn on the head). i thought it was neat for them to sit in the first school ever built in san diego. it even had an authentic dunce cap inside. they saw a kitchen, a house made out of mud bricks, and an old jail. by the time we got to the courthouse, they were hungry and tired of the tour. after lunch and some playing, we went around to some of the stores.

1st graders are funny. one of them told me that field trips are called field trips because wherever you go there's always dirt. then some of them would be in shock if i called them by their name. and after i bought malia a ring from a store, some tried to ask me for money. i really don't know how teachers do it. they really are under paid.