Monday, January 25, 2010

don't sweat the small stuff

as i've said before, i don't like mondays because it means leaving the kids and going to work. today was not a typical monday though. i was actually ready to head out the door for work early, but then my car didn't start. luckily my dad is still on vacation so i borrowed one of his cars. then i had to move one of the carseats into his car in the 42 degree morning cold. so it took a while because my hands were freezing. at work, it seemed as if the rude people only call on mondays, so that was pleasant. after work, i picked up micah and we headed for the doctor's office to get his 2nd shot of the H1N1 vaccine. i thought he would scream, but after he watched the nurse give him the shot all he said was,"ouchie." so that wasn't so bad. when we got home, i tried starting my car again, no luck. it has to be the starter or alternator. so i used our other car to bring malia to CCD and do errands. there was an upside to my monday. the kids usually watch shows on nick jr at night. and just before 7pm it's 'move to the music' time. they normally play a song by laurie berkner and we all get up and dance together, call it our family dance. tonight was '5 days old', but our favorite is 'family'. and so i'm reminded not to sweat the small stuff. the car will get fixed eventually, but we won't be able to family dance forever.