Friday, January 22, 2010

the thunder dragons

it's been raining all week and supposedly there will be another storm next week. so far it hasn't been too bad when the kids are out going to and from school. m&m are so different sometimes. malia wants to splash in the puddles and micah wants to avoid them. even if you tell malia not to step in the puddles, she pretends she doesn't see them so that she'll step in them. when we are in the house, they could care less about how hard it rains or how loud the wind howls, they just go about making their mess that i call a hurricane.

but last night there was a thunderstorm and the flashes from the lightning were so bright at our house. micah and i watched out the window for the lightning. when he heard the thunder he said,"the dragons are coming." someone's been watching avatar: the last airbender too much. and i think the last episode had dragons in it. i'm glad malia was already sleeping, she gets scared of thunder. but micah wasn't scared. he even asked,"wearsit coming from?" so i explained that the lightning came from the clouds and that the thunder was the sound the lightning made. of course he didn't know what i was talking about and just said,"oh."

anyways, now everytime i hear thunder, i will think of dragons.