Thursday, February 25, 2010

ouch report

when i picked up micah today, he was at the table eating snacks with his friends. he was talking and laughing with them. then his teacher approached me after she was finished attending to another child. she brought me an ouch report. apparently another kid bit micah's arm in the morning. she said it happened out of nowhere, they were playing and all of a sudden micah was screaming. so i pulled back his sleeve and saw the red marks on his arm which were of both top and bottom teeth of the other kid. my poor boy! of course the teachers wouldn't say the name of the kid who did it, but the kids at the table all said, "michael did it." it's preschool, it happens. i understand that, but my poor boy. last week he had wood chips accidentally thrown in his eyes! roel was upset, but i reminded him how much malia got hurt in preschool. if i had an ouch report for every time malia got hurt in preschool, i'd have a book. micah said he was fine. and of course we had the talk that biting is a no-no and instructed him to tell his friends that biting is a no-no.

thank goodness all of the injuries m&m get are minor. but please, no more ouch least for a while.