Saturday, February 13, 2010

last minute trip to disneyland

with asthma and allergies hitting all of us because of the rain and cold weather, we weren't sure if we were going to make it to disneyland for our valentine's outing. but since everyone felt fine yesterday morning, we decided we would go. micah went to school in the morning for his valentine's party and we picked him up when we were packed and ready to go.

it's crazy how slow you move with little kids. plus it was a little crowded because it was the start of the holiday weekend. we got in 3 things aside from eating and looking around in 6 hours.

the monsters inc ride was probably their favorite for this trip. micah because he got to ride in the car, and malia because it has boo (who she can't bear to be without).

this was micah's face during the whole ride

we were just happy to be there, especially since we didn't make it up during christmas season. and it was cool because it was a reunion with our group from our disney world trip in 2006.

one day, we'll make it back to WDW. but for now, we'll just try to make as many disneyland trips as we can.