Sunday, May 3, 2009

sunday workout sessions

no i'm not talking about going to the gym, even though i need to. i'm referring to micah at church. he spends most of the mass running around outside. if you pick him up, he starts fussing and screaming. and if you bring him inside, he darts out the door again. snacks or a toy won't work at keeping him inside either. he'll just grab it and take it outside. so roel and i take turns following him outside. of course my turn is longer because i could use the exercise, but i'm missing the mass! and it's funny because he'll be speaking his gibberish while he's running. some words in between the gibberish are "go" and "there". and this is probably bad on my part, but somehow i managed to teach him not to pick stuff up off the ground like leaves, instead he stomps on them. at least i won't have to worry about dirty hands at church. but what will i do when it's summer and 90 degrees outside?