Thursday, May 7, 2009


for the past week malia has been bringing home a lot of info regarding her kinder graduation. it's some more money out of my pocket, but worth it for this occasion that will only happen once in her life. she has also brought home workbooks from school that she had finished. her "hard" work as she calls it, since she has to do her workbook instead of paint during materials time in class. and we've been working on reading books at home.

so yesterday, as she was talking (the usual non-stop talking), the weirdest thing happened. it was kind of like a movie, where i could see her but it would flash in my mind and then i could see an image of her of when she was smaller. like when she was 2 years old saying my name a million times and telling me what to do. (yes the bossiness started that early.) so this whole flashback thing was happening all while she was talking about who knows what. and then of course i started to cry. so i hugged her, called her my big girl, and she went off to play. then i looked at roel and he started laughing at me. husbands just don't understand.