Saturday, May 9, 2009

party & a performance

it was a busy day for malia. today was her school BFF's b-day party at daydreams cafe. it was so cute. she did a great job painting her little ceramic piece. 

she's really cute with her school friends and her BFF Jada

after that, we did some errands and headed home to pick up micah & daddy. then it was off to mass and a fundraiser for st rose. the fundraiser theme was italian with songs from the movie 'mama mia' sung by OVC. not the typical songs they sing, but they were asked to. so we asked malia a week ago if she wanted to sing with them since she was somewhat familiar with the songs. she sang 'dancing queen' and 'mama mia' with them. her first choir performance! she did pretty well considering she was tired from all the stuff we did beforehand. we're so proud of her. and she's excited to perform with them again in the future.