Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day at sea world

the first word i heard today was 'mama', it was great! since disneyland wasn't in our budget this year, we headed to sea world and did 'breakfast with elmo.' the kids enjoyed it. malia told me, "they're alive," as we were walking and she first saw the sesame street characters. of course, micah was happy to give the characters a hug, but didn't want to pose for the pictures. then it was off to the stingrays, malia's favorite at sea world. she had to pet them, which i'm not too fond of, but i'm glad it made her day. and then it was off to the bay of play. roel and i like the little kids area where we can just sit and relax and the kids can run around. my micah is just too sweet. he wouldn't cry or even get mad when other little kids would take the blocks from him or hit him with the blocks. and there was malia, hogging the blocks. the last thing we did was say hi to shamu. it was a short visit to sea world because we had to head over to grandma's house. but i'm sure we'll go back soon, to pet the stingrays again.