Thursday, May 16, 2013

goodbye to our Bonita house

it was time to say goodbye to the bonita house due to foundation problems. my dad had been going back and forth with the idea of selling the house for a while and finally decided on it in january. it went on the market in february and sold in about a month. then we were given 45 days to move out.

roel & i had been talking to the kids about moving since christmas. we wanted to prepare them early so it wouldn't be so hard when the move finally came.

but it didn't dawn on the kids that we were never coming back to the house, not even to visit, until the week before we had to get out.

we are temporarily moving to roel's parent's house while we search for a house to buy.

the actual moving day was today, but i wanted to move the kids out the weekend before so that the transition wouldn't be so hard on them during the school week.

this was our last night in the house. we slept on the floor.

big box storage delivered.

malia in front of her closet doors with the ariel stickers that used to be mine when it was my room growing up.

malia next to my name (and Jos') in the cement in front of the one car garage.

the cousins' last picture in front of the house.

last family photo in front of the house. that was our room right over the garage.

you think it would be me, but it's my emotional malia that misses the bonita house most. she cried herself to sleep the first night we were out.

lots of great memories in the bonita house that we take with us. from my mom to buying the house, having guests from the PI, having family over for parties, singing with my sisters, coming home on the weekends from college,  jos & i getting ready on our wedding days, to me bringing home my babies and them having all of their first moments there. and so many more memories.

but we will make more, wherever we end up. after all, home is where your family is.