Monday, April 22, 2013

legoland field trip

micah was fortunate to have a field trip to legoland. they said that kinders never get the legoland field trip. so he was VERY excited, and asked me to come.

his first time on the big kid cars. he was a little reluctant to go, but went because his class did. then he loved it.

i don't know if you call this one a ride, it's kinda like a race, but you have to pump these levers up and down to get the fire truck moving to go put out the fire. anyway, it was just me and the 3 kids, so i pretty much had to do the work. i was exhausted afterward. but they had fun.

love this one of the kids on the slide. micah was screaming as he went down.

this was the group another mom and i were in charge of: chris, kennedy, cjaine, and micah. cjaine kept running off and didn't respond to her name at times. it was just like going with malia =).

it's fun and difficult at the same time to be a volunteer on these field trips. i've said it a million times - i really don't know how these teachers are with these kids every day, they really do not get paid enough.