Saturday, April 20, 2013

day of the child

day of the child at memorial park in chula vista. we mainly go because malia's school choir performs.

first stop is always fuddruckers because it's right there. or as micah calls it, "friesruckers". gee, i wonder why.

they always have cool activites like arts and crafts and obstacle courses. my favorite things are the free things of course. i got free night lights and food.

discovery center booth. they usually have and owl and a snake. kids always like touching the snake. scary. i think it's trying to smell micah's face, yikes!

malia's school choir performance. they sang about 5 songs. malia is front and center because she is so tiny. she's gotten a lot better with her stage presence, but towards the end of the performance, her emotions are clear by the expression on her face. she got real hot in this one and was fanning herself with her hand by the end. i don't blame her though, they are wearing wool sweaters in the heat.

i'm sure we'll be back every year if she's still in choir. maybe micah will join choir and will be up there next year too. he's taken an interest in singing lately. (it's a miracle.) now if we could only get him to dance more in front of people.