Wednesday, May 29, 2013


here's my Biztown girl. 4th graders go on a field trip to Biztown, a place where they get to have "real jobs" for a day, and pretend to be in the real world. she was so excited, she told everyone she was going, even though they had no clue what she was talking about.

she gave her teacher her top 3 choices, but her teacher handed out the jobs she thought was appropriate for each child. malia was given the job of CEO of Kaiser Permanente. that's a big time job.
here's my little CEO giving a speech in front of everyone.

here she is writing a check at the bank.

her ninong jojeann was able to be a volunteer for this field trip since roel & i couldn't make it. although he couldn't be in her group, he said he would look over in her direction and malia looked as though she were telling people what to do. just as a CEO should i guess. he was able to interact with her when she came to the bank. they had fun, and she was so happy he came.

can't wait to find out what malia will be CEO of when she grows up.