Tuesday, March 6, 2012

let's play legos

legos are such a good investment. great toy, endless possibilities. exercises your mind, promotes creativity. well, for them at least. i didn't really have a lot of legos growing up. so if you put a bunch of lego pieces in front of me, i don't really do much with it if there's not a book of step-by-step instructions on how to build something specific.

micah can play legos for hours. he builds different cars, guns, houses, etc. then he has specific sets like ninjago and a garbage truck.

we played legos tonight. i took a lot of the figures and switched their hats, helmets, and hair. cracked myself up. he just looked up at what i was doing and then got back to his building. i even got a, "seriously mom?" from malia. but she snickered at my little creations. then i did stuff like darth vader fighting over the trash with boba fett, but then he took boba fett. so i ended up with darth vader and optimus prime fighting over trash. micah only smirked at it.

micah made a car that flies for boba fett. he said boba fett was going to the beach to surf on his surfboard. and he brought his lunchbox with him.

maybe i'll start getting some of the new girly sets for malia, so she doesn't have to play with the boy ones all the time.