Tuesday, March 20, 2012

brainstorming for sharing day

micah has sharing day every wednesday. they go through the letters of the alphabet. we try to get him to share unique things on sharing day, not something that 10 other kids will most likely share. but ultimately, he is the one who chooses what he will share.

these are some of my favorite things he's shared in the past:
G - garbage truck (so obvious)
H - harmonica
U - ultrasound
Y- yoda
Z - zigzag (which was entirely his idea and he drew it on paper)

so every tuesday is brainstorming day for sharing day. tomorrow is the letter C. we just called out anything we could think of that started with C. some really good ones from the kids were carbon dioxide, collarbone, candle, california, and christmas. some of roel's ideas were chewbacca, cookies, cars and candy. the word candy made their faces light up, goodness. i said things like chocolate, clouds, and cuddle. after dinner, micah said he wanted to share "clap". so he drew it on paper and intends to clap in class.