Tuesday, March 13, 2012

i need a button

malia joined the st rose children's choir, directed by her ninong joe. she had a solo last sunday and she did wonderful. it's the in between songs time that is very challenging for all of us. it's hard for her to sit still. and that's fine, as long as she is behaving. and most of the time she's not or she's borderline. i'm hoping that joining the choir will teach her how to behave properly in church.

she practiced with the choir today. and as i watched her swing her song book up and down and up and down, i wished i had a button. a button i could press. and when i pressed the button, it would tap her to remind her to behave. because apparently, she couldn't feel my eyes burning in her direction.

last week after the 2nd song, she asked her ninong if she could go home because she was hungry. i needed the button then too. but the button couldn't have made her take back her words, lol.

when she gets into the songs, she's fine. i'm very proud of her. she has a ton of faith. she has a big heart. but sometimes, i need a button for her.