Tuesday, June 21, 2011

homemade angry birds game

we saw an angry birds game on amazon and the kids wanted one. i told them it was too expensive and they could just make one themselves. i figured it was a good way to pass the time since malia is on vacation. plus she loves arts and crafts. so i bought clay for $5, and she made some birds and a pig. micah got in on the fun too. but his way of making it was by telling me, "make a pig," while he just rolled clay around.

i baked the clay and they were ready to play. we even made a slingshot, which i regretted later when micah just kept playing with it and pretending to shoot us. some of the beaks broke off after several launches. so next time i'll make sure it's attached better before baking.

it was great to see how excited they were about it, especially because they made it. we'll make more another day.