Tuesday, June 28, 2011

barona buffet

it's been ages since i've been to barona casino. we went to the buffet there to celebrate roel's uncle's birthday yesterday. they are VIPs, so 9 of us got in for free. how cool is that! micah ate tofu with noodles. malia ate shrimp, which she peeled herself. wow, i won't even do that. but the highlight was the desserts. the kids had 2 ice cream cones each. well, micah licked his ice cream a couple times then had me take it off the cone because he just wanted the cone. i had creme brulee and lots of cookies (my weakness).

in the casino area, micah thought he could play video games. but after i explained to him that they were only for adults, he said," you're an adult, you go play mom, you like those." and then he tried to push me to the games. he stuck with his angry birds.