Monday, June 27, 2011

angry birds water party

m&m's friend, ben, had a birthday party this past weekend. he chose angry birds as his party theme. of course, the kids were super excited for his party. it was held at a park with a water playscape. they got so soaked.

here are some cool details of the party:

ben and his family made a pig pinata that turned out so good. my sister, jos, created centerpieces w/ jenga. my other sister, jen, made cool angry bird cake pops. and i made some decorated sugar cookies.

as always, the kids "helped" make the cookies with me. i let them decorate some themselves to keep at home. malia did a really good job all on her own.

m&m loved getting soaked and boy did they get tanned. as we left and drove away, malia said, "goodbye glorious water park with pine cones." (she found some pine cones by the playground.) they are already begging to go back to that park.