Wednesday, November 17, 2010


no one ever said motherhood would be easy. then again, no one ever warned me what a whirlwind it would be either.

when i was single, i associated motherhood with bonding, cuddling, laughter, family vacations, etc. you know, the fun stuff. the picture perfect moments.

little did i know there was so much more involved. the worry and stress of leaving your child when you go to work and knowing that they are okay. the heartache you feel when they are sick or hurt. the sleepless nights that last way beyond their infancy. all of the things you have to pack just for an outing. choosing schools. all the things you have to remember to return to school by the deadlines. the homework. the fundraisers. doctor visits and shots. potty training. planning birthdays. losing my memory (and my mind). the list just goes on and on.

and i haven't even reached the teen years yet!

but i wouldn't trade motherhood for anything. i have learned so much about life and love from my kids. they make me want to be a better person.

the picture perfect moments definitely outweigh the tough stuff, and those are the moments that are embedded in my mind forever.

so what brought on this post? i forgot that it was sharing day for micah. and i found out that micah remembered and told roel before they left the house, so he was able to bring something. how cute is that? what do dads do again? just kidding. maybe.