Tuesday, October 26, 2010

santa is almost done

so now that the kids have already done some halloween activities, they are more than ready to move on to christmas. so am i, but i told them we need to at least wait until halloween is over.

the kids have already written their christmas lists. roel wrote micah's out, but micah knew exactly what he wanted. it's amazing how little kids come up with these lists.

malia's list for santa:
1. a purple gown (maybe the giselle dress can finally retire!)
2. purple unicorn pillow pet
3. pink crown
4. pink ballet shoes (she's not even in ballet, nor has asked to take a class)
5. tutu

she's so girly! purple and pink.

micah's list for santa!
1. toy story garbage truck
2. lady bug pillow pet
3. remote control garbage truck (really, how many does he need?!)
4. blue football (i think we have one already)
5. star wars space ship or gun
6. trumpet (random)

i told them that santa could probably only get them 1 or 2 things from their lists because these things are expensive. at least micah understands the word expensive, i don't think he would understand me if i said santa was on a budget. but the good news is that santa only needs to buy one more item from each list. unless of course there are really huge deals on black friday.