Friday, October 29, 2010

pumpkin station

i don't know why we always say pumpkin patch when it's called the pumpkin station. is it a fob thing? micah calls it the "pumpkin padge."

this is the only place where i remember to take malia's picture in the exact same pose to see how much she's grown. this is from 2005, 2008 & now. she's such a little lady now, especially with her coach purse from grandma.

since micah didn't really cooperate with taking pictures with the pumpkins in 2008, he now takes pictures with the ghosts. i hope they keep this prop forever. i wonder what year he'll be taller than the ghosts. he probably won't want to go by then, but i'll make him so that i can take his picture there.

this place is all about the dinky rides. the kids love it.