Tuesday, October 26, 2010

m&m's toy story party

we had the kids' birthday party on 10/17 at way beyond in la jolla (yes, i'm very behind in posting). the kids had been waiting so long, they couldn't believe their party was finally going to happen. we chose toy story as the theme since we love all 3 movies.

i had my mind set on keeping it simple, but all of my simple projects added up and i found myself running out of time. thanks to my family (roel, m&m, jos, hannah, lori & jojeann) for helping with all the details of the party. i couldn't have done it (or slept) if they didn't step in and insist on helping.

my main goal was to make all the kids woody vests. they were all sheriffs. malia had the only jesse vest. we made the cake, cupcakes, and cookies. that really saved us some money. the kids drank out of construction cone cups. we also made buzz goody bags to put the vests and a few goodies in. jos made the alien cake pops.

m&m loved their party. when we were at home eating dinner micah said,"i had such a great day."